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Hi! I'm Ranjani, a Brooklyn-based video journalist. I'm currently a producer at Vox.com, where my work focuses largely on social justice, criminal justice, and inequality — and how they all intersect. I love a good story, and I'll do nearly anything to tell it beautifully.

I previously produced with National Geographic on Explorer and Al Jazeera America on America Tonight. Prior to that, I was an associate producer with the NBC News Associates program in New York, where I contributed to Dateline, The Today Show, and Nightly News. During my time at 30 Rock, it's important to note that Tina Fey once shook my hand.

I'm a Medill/Northwestern University alum, through which I've completed independent grant projects and international reporting in Johannesburg, South Africa; Pune, India; and Marrakesh, Morocco.

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